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Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law helps our clients in a wide range of legal disputes that could end up being litigated in civil court. That can include disputes involving you and family members, neighbors, an insurance company or a government entity. Though different laws may be involved, what remains the same is our level of experience, knowledge and dedication to our clients. CHURCH, LANGDON, LOPP, BANET LAW IS THE LAW FIRM YOU CAN TRUST TO REPRESENT YOU IN CIVIL LITIGATION.

Indiana Civil Litigation Needs to Be Taken Seriously

civil lawsuits shouldn’t be taken lightly

They can consume considerable amounts of time, energy, emotion and financial resources. Their outcome may affect you for years and cause a serious blow to your finances, which is why you should trust us to help you through the process.

If you find yourself involved in a legal dispute, what should do you do? Where should you go? Whether you have been sued and are the defendant or you need to protect your legal rights and interests by becoming a plaintiff and filing a lawsuit suit against another party, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of litigation.

You need an ally who excels in providing these services:

  • Educating you about important issues

  • Keeping you informed throughout the process

  • Providing you with advice and wise counsel

  • Aggressively advocating on your behalf

  • Working with you to craft a cost-effective, efficient and successful strategy to bring your matter to a positive resolution.

We Help Our Clients with a Variety of Indiana Civil Litigation Matters

experienced civil trial attorneys

Some of the issues we help our clients with include:

  • Will and probate administration. You or a family member may want to challenge the Will of a deceased family member because you feel he or she was not competent when it was executed or it was the result of undue influence by another party. Or you may feel that an estate is not being managed properly by an executor or administrator, that the intent of the deceased is not being carried out or the estate’s resources are being wasted or stolen.

  • Guardianship proceedings. These cases involve the question of whether a person is competent to care for themselves and their finances; if not, who should be the guardian to look after the person? If the person is competent, we can defend their rights in the matter. We also represent family members who fear for the safety of their loved one and seek a guardianship to protect them and their finances.

  • Family law matters. These can be highly emotionally charged situations whose end results can cause years of frustration, anger and financial losses if they are not properly handled. Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law handles all family law litigation matters for our clients to protect their interests and the interests of their children.

  • Real estate law. If you are a property owner and want to exercise your rights, or if you feel a government entity or an adjacent or nearby property owner is infringing on your property rights, we can represent you in litigation to defend your rights and protect your interests. We also help those in disputes involving the lease or sale of property.

Why You Should Trust Us to Represent You in Your Indiana Civil Litigation Matter

serving all of Kentuckiana

The lawyers of Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law have over fifty years of experience representing people, organizations and companies. We will work with you to come up with the best course of action, whether your case requires a full-blown court trial, mediation, arbitration or can best be served by an out-of-court resolution through negotiations between the parties.

We have handled legal disputes involving sums ranging from a few hundred dollars to millions. We provide the same high level of personal service and legal counsel to our clients no matter who they are, and regardless of the total value of the case. Our clients deserve and receive our best efforts, because each case is important to us.

For decades, Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law has been recognized throughout Indiana and Kentucky for the work we do for our clients. Our experienced civil trial attorneys can help you, your family, company or organization with legal counsel and litigation representation. Our attorneys, paralegals, and professional staff are committed to providing exceptional, personal service and attention to the details of our clients’ needs, always focused on your success.

Contact our New Albany office at 812-725-8224 to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns about potential civil litigation, or fill out our online contact form. Discover why so many businesses, organizations and individuals rely on our advice and advocacy to protect their rights and interests.

Attorney Larry Church

Attorney Larry Church

For more than 25 years, Larry has devoted himself to representing his clients with great skill and commitment while never forgetting that not only his clients, but those opposing them, are first and foremost people who deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. Primarily, Larry is a trial lawyer. Over his career, he has represented clients whose disputes range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. [ Attorney Bio ]

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