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When a dispute arises within the family, you may try to work out a solution on your own. But some family issues can’t be resolved with a handshake or verbal agreement. That’s when you need our New Albany family law attorney.

Whether you need advice about a divorce or other family law issues, Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law has the experience and compassion to find the best solution. Call us today at 812-725-8224.

Why Choose Our Family Law Lawyer in Indiana

Trust Our New Albany Family Law Attorney for Help With Your Situation

At CLLB Law, we understand the challenges that people face when going through a family law situation. Some members of our team lived through situations that may be similar to what you are facing. We understand the uncertainty and worry that can accompany being involved in a conflict where you need to hire our family law attorney.

Our New Albany family law attorney seeks to learn everything we can about your situation. We want to know the issues that are giving you worry, and we want to understand your goals for the outcome. Our family law lawyer works hard to earn the trust of every client who hires us, because we know that we cannot represent you to the best of our ability unless you completely trust us. We may need to discuss things that are uncomfortable, which further drives home the importance of having complete trust in us.

CLLB Law’s Clients Appreciate the Service We Provide

Our family lawyer takes whatever time is necessary to talk with clients, because we know this approach works. Later, those same clients tell us how much they appreciate our attention to detail and our willingness to go the extra mile to help. We are proud of what our clients have to say about us, because it shows we are representing our clients successfully.

Attorney Dana Eberle leads the team on the family law side. As a trusted family law lawyer in Indiana, she knows the importance of having a trusted representative on your side for divorce, child custody, and adoption cases. Having gone through her own divorce more than a decade ago, attorney Eberle is well aware of the emotional ups and downs that can accompany this type of case. She works hard to help you feel at ease as much as possible as the case progresses.

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Our Family Lawyer Fully Understands the Divorce Process

CLLB Law Can Advise You on All Aspects of Divorce and Separation

Divorce is one of the most common family law issues. You may assume that when a marriage ends amicably, you don’t need a divorce lawyer. But even though Indiana courts offer all the forms you need to handle your own divorce, one small mistake on these forms could have serious consequences. Once a divorce decree is final, you’re most likely stuck with its terms for a long time, even if an honest mistake occurred.

You want to ensure the best possible outcome for your children, while protecting your financial well-being. Parents should never try to negotiate custody or support obligations without the help of our child custody lawyers, because the laws and guidelines can be difficult to interpret. Protect yourself and your children by getting legal help with your divorce. Call our New Albany family law attorney today to discuss your case at 812-725-8224.

Our Indiana Family Law Attorney Will Work Tirelessly on Your Behalf

Our New Albany Family Law Attorney Can Help You in Multiple Areas

Family law is not just about divorce. Some areas of the law concern building a family structure, rather than ending one, and our New Albany family law attorney can help you with all of it.

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Common Questions for Our New Albany Family Law Attorney

FAQs: We Make Family Law Situations Easier to Understand

As clients visit our family law lawyer in Indiana, they often have numerous questions. This is understandable. After all, you probably are going through your family law situation for the first time in your life. We deal with these situations daily, so we are ready to answer your questions. To give you an idea of how we approach cases, here are some answers to the most common questions our Indiana family law attorney hears.

  • Can your New Albany family law attorney lower my child support payments?

    We understand that it can be frustrating to face extremely high child support payments. If you believe your ex-spouse is hiding income, our New Albany family law attorney will investigate the situation and, if warranted, seek a change in the child support judgment.

  • Can your family lawyer help me with co-parenting conflicts?

    Having an amicable co-parenting situation usually is best for the kids and the parents. However, our family lawyer understands that this can be a challenge, especially if fights were common when your relationship was active. We can provide resources, such as Up to Parents and Our Family Wizard, that provide advice on developing successful co-parenting skills.

  • Does Indiana law favor mothers over fathers in family law cases?

    Indiana laws that deal with family legal situations do not specify that mothers should receive better treatment than fathers in divorce or child custody situations. Our New Albany family law attorney represents both mothers and fathers in these cases, and we focus on achieving the best results for all our clients.

  • Do I have to pay child support in Indiana if both parents care for the child half the time?

    If both parents have roughly the same income levels and if both parents have a roughly 50/50 care agreement, it is possible that neither parent will need to pay child support. However, if one parent makes quite a bit more money than the other parent, a child support judgment is likely against the higher income parent, even if both parents share custody time about evenly.

  • Do I need a New Albany family law attorney to help with an adoption case?

    Although some adoption cases may seem simple, our New Albany family law attorney knows that complexities can suddenly arise out of nowhere. Should a problem appear, you will be glad to have our New Albany family law attorney representing you to help you unwind these issues and to keep your adoption case on track.

When you are facing uncertainty about a family law situation, it can be extremely unsettling. It can affect all areas of your life. Let our family law team help you work through the issues in a calm, strategic way. And let us answer questions you are having about how the process works, hopefully putting your mind at ease.

Our Family Law Attorney Treats Every Case As a Unique Situation

No Two Family Law Cases Are the Same, and Our Family Law Lawyer Treats You As an Individual

Everyone knows someone who, at one time or another, needed a divorce lawyer, needed assistance from child custody lawyers, or needed help from child support attorneys in order to mediate family law disputes. Attempting to settle such disputes alone can, and usually does, complicate matters even more. Why? Because your cousin’s divorce is different from yours. Your best friend’s custody battle involved entirely different issues than yours. Your mom’s co-worker’s niece may have gotten a raw deal on child support, but that doesn’t mean you will.

There is an abundance of false and incorrect information being thrown at you from every direction when you are discussing these situations with non-legal professionals. Don’t rely on this information. Instead, call our Indiana family law attorney today. Our team has been through every possible family law situation personally and professionally. We know how to separate the misconceptions in family law from the truths. We understand the court system and how negotiations work in family law situations, because we’re immersed in them every day.

Call CLLB Law for Help From Our New Albany Family Law Attorney Today

Family law issues can stir up a lot of negative emotions for people – pain, sadness, embarrassment, and resentment. However, we anticipate that you will find comfort in knowing our New Albany family law attorney is on your side. Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law handles all family law cases with sensitivity, respect, and discretion. However, don’t assume our compassion for your situation means we don’t fight as hard as we can for the outcome you want to see. We do not back down when facing unfair situations in negotiations and in court cases. After all, your future is on the line.

If you need help, fill out our online contact form or call us today at 812-725-8224. Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client.

Client Testimonial

”Dana just help me finalize my divorce in what felt like record time! She was always very responsive and informative. I had no idea how the process worked and she helped advocate for me and what was best for my children. She went above and beyond to ensure everything was taken covered and I could not of asked for an easier process!!” – Olivia Bentley (Google Review)

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