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Our Indiana Real Estate Lawyer Works Hard for You

When buying or selling real estate, property owners are subject to a number of rules, regulations, and laws in the state of Indiana. If you make a mistake in applying these items to the transaction, it could result in costly disputes and legal proceedings in the future. The better option is making sure the details are correct in the initial agreement, and our New Albany real estate lawyer is ready to do just that for you.

Count on Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law to represent your interests in all kinds of real estate transactions and situations. We do not cut corners or ignore any details involved. We know that preparation is key in these types of situations, and we devote the time and resources necessary to have the best chance at success. We prefer to be overprepared, ensuring we are ready for any eventuality. For a discussion of your situation, contact our real estate attorney, located in New Albany, today at 812-725-8224.

Trust Our Indiana Real Estate Lawyer to Represent You in Multiple Matters

When you hire CLLB Law to represent you in your real estate transaction, you will receive help in a variety of areas. We have experience that you can tap into to make your real estate situation go as smoothly as possible.

  • We help with real estate transactions from the acquisition to the disposition – and everywhere in between.
  • We assist lenders with commercial loan documentation and closings.
  • When residential or commercial property owners are facing litigation, we are ready to help.
  • We represent clients during the drafting and negotiating of leases.
  • When homeowner associations need help drafting and enforcing covenants, our team can help.
  • We represent builders and owners in disputes about failures to live up to the original agreements and contracts.
  • We can serve as a local counsel for a lender or property owner located outside the state of Indiana but who has a stake in local property.
  • Real estate brokers count on us to help with risk management and when the their customers need help with troublesome transactions.
  • We help businesses navigate permitting and zoning obstacles when they are seeking to make renovations and expansions to their properties.

Our clients know they can trust us with all of these matters and more. Our experience with dozens of aspects of real estate law gives us an edge that our long-time clients know they can trust, no matter how complex the situation regarding their property becomes.

Why Choose Us As Your Indiana Real Estate Attorney

Our lead attorney for real estate law, Jason Lopp, has extensive experience helping clients work through all kinds of situations related to property transactions in both Indiana and Kentucky. Attorney Lopp works with both individuals and businesses regarding real estate situations, including:

  • Real estate purchases
  • Negotiating real estate transactions
  • Commercial financing
  • Litigation related to real estate
  • Zoning and rezoning issues
  • Land-use planning
  • Property disputes
  • Preparing easements
  • Dealing with covenants and deeds
  • Negotiating, drafting, and enforcing leases.

We appreciate the opportunity to help our clients with their real estate transactions. We take everything that our clients have to say about our service to heart, so we can make improvements to our approach. At CLLB Law, we always have our clients’ best interests in mind, and our New Albany real estate lawyer tweaks and adjusts our plan as needed to fit the situation our client is facing. Call us as soon as possible for a discussion of your real estate needs at 812-725-8224.

Common Questions for Our New Albany Based Real Estate Lawyer

Some of our clients come to us because they have very little knowledge about how real estate law works. Others may know a lot about real estate transactions, but they may need help with a highly complex situation. Regardless of the background of our clients, we usually receive a number of questions after clients choose to hire us. We are displaying some of the most common questions we receive here, so you can understand how we approach various situations.

Does Indiana require a real estate attorney to be present for the finalizing of the property sale?

No, Indiana does not have a law that requires property sellers or buyers to use a real estate attorney. However, having our team review the contract and details is helpful for catching any mistakes or oddities that may come back to hurt you months or years in the future.

Can I cancel my real estate contract within three days in Indiana?

No. Although we find that some people believe they can cancel real estate contracts within 72 hours of signing them, this is not the case in Indiana. In most cases, according to the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, the transaction is effective immediately. That shows the importance of having our New Albany real estate lawyer review the purchase details before you sign the contract.

Why should I hire a real estate lawyer?

At CLLB Law, our real estate lawyer works to make sure that the property you are considering is legally free of any liens and other issues, whether you are looking to sell or buy. We will be thorough when advising you on the proper investigation of your property, making the chance of having a problem down the road as rare as possible.

Can a New Albany based real estate lawyer help me with property zoning issues?

If you have development plans for a piece of property that you own or are considering buying, local zoning laws affect your options. Our real estate lawyer will explore the current local zoning for the property and, if necessary, will guide you through the process of seeking a new zoning status, which requires completing numerous steps and filing multiple documents.

How do I create a lease document for my property?

One of the services our Indiana real estate lawyer frequently provides for our clients is the drafting of leases. Whether you own a multi-tenant building or a single-family home, with our help, you can be certain that the lease is providing you the type of protection you need for yourself and for your property.

Real estate transactions never seem to be quite as simple as they may appear at first. When complexities arise, our real estate attorney is ready to help. And when you have questions, the CLLB Law team takes pride in responding quickly to our clients’ queries, keeping the real estate project moving forward.

Contact Our Indiana Real Estate Lawyer Today for a Discussion of Your Case

At CLLB Law, we know that every real estate transaction has the potential to involve unforeseen complexities. You may not have the expertise or desire to spend the time required for unwinding such complexities. But our Indiana real estate lawyer is ready to help with every situation that arises with purchasing, selling, financing, or leasing real estate.

We specialize in bringing real estate transactions to a close as fast as possible, all without sacrificing the quality of our representation. Our New Albany based real estate lawyer knows that you want your real estate transaction to move forward quickly, and we do everything within our power to make sure that happens, no matter where you are located. When you are looking for information about how our team can help with your real estate needs, call us today at 812-725-8224.

Client Testimonial

”Jason Lopp thoughtfully assisted our client through an asset purchase agreement (“APA”) arrangement of a restaurant business. A few considerations were necessary in order for the transaction to occur – Jason was diligent throughout the entire process.” – Stephen Lukinovich (Google Review)

Attorney Jason Lopp

Attorney Jason Lopp

Jason Lopp has focused his practice on representing financial institutions, major corporations, family businesses and individuals. Licensed to practice in both Indiana and Kentucky, his practice includes real estate litigation, commercial real estate transactions, zoning, construction, general litigation, business planning and risk management matters. [ Attorney Bio ]

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