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If you or a loved one dies in Indiana or Kentucky without a will, then your estate will go through probate.  You may ask yourself, “what is the cost of probate?”  The answer to that depends on the particulars of your assets and liabilities and your unique situation.  However, probate usually costs more and takes longer than the disposition of someone’s possessions when they have an estate plan. You may think that only rich people need estate plans, but that’s not true.  Creating an estate plan is an orderly, planned, proactive way of deciding how your assets will be distributed after you pass away.  Sometimes when a person fails to create a will or estate plan and things go through[…..]

Should I Refuse to Take a Test If I’m Accused of Driving Drunk?

All DUIs are serious, but courts often treat your first DUI differently than they do repeat DUI offenses.  Any DUI should be a wake-up call to a driver.  It’s time to ask yourself if you have a problem with alcohol, or if you simply made a poor decision to get behind the wheel after a dinner party or professional gathering where you had one too many beers or glasses of wine. If you’re wondering what happens after your first DUI, read on to find valuable information.  Knowing your responsibilities and rights after you’ve been charged with a DUI will help you make proactive decisions that are in your own best interest. Most importantly, you should be represented by a proven[…..]

Indiana Car Accident attorney

How long do you have to sue after an accident? The amount of time you have to sue after an accident often depends on which kind of accident it is and what jurisdiction you’re in.  For example, if a car accident happens in Indiana, then the statute of limitations for filing an accident lawsuit in civil court is two years for both personal injury and property damage.  Similarly, the car accident statute of limitations in Kentucky is two years for personal injury and property damage.  However, if the accident occurred somewhere other than in a vehicle in Kentucky (such as at home or at work), then you have only one year to file a personal injury lawsuit. This example shows[…..]

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COURTS COME DOWN PRETTY HARD ON DWI CASES, BUT EXACTLY HOW HARD DEPENDS ON WHETHER IT IS A MISDEMEANOR OR A FELONY. Judges and juries are less and less forgiving of drunk and impaired drivers these days, and so is the public at large.  But whether the DWI was caused by one evening of bad choices versus a long-term pattern of drunk driving can make a big difference in sentencing.  Generally, if you’ve received one DWI arrest, this will fall under the misdemeanor category unless someone was severely injured or killed or a minor child was in the vehicle.  On the other hand, if you’re someone who has been convicted of more than one DWI offense in the past five[…..]

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If you’ve been charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, or a DUI without bodily harm, you are likely facing a type of charge called a misdemeanor. This category of crime is considered more serious than an infraction, but not as grave as a felony. Especially if this is your first run-in with the criminal legal system, you are likely scared, embarrassed, and uncertain as to what to expect — when you head to court and beyond. What happens at a misdemeanor initial hearing? What sort of punishment will I receive? How do I ensure the best possible outcome of my case? Your first priority should be to secure legal representation. The New Albany misdemeanor lawyers at Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law[…..]

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In both Indiana and Kentucky, driving without valid car insurance can result in hefty fines and license suspension; in the Bluegrass State, it can also lead to jail time. Yet the most recent statistics available show that in 2015, 11.5% of Kentucky drivers and 16% of Indiana drivers were getting behind the wheel with no coverage to protect themselves and their victims in the case of an accident. A car wreck and its aftermath are difficult under any circumstances. But when the other driver lacks auto insurance, you face an additional roadblock to getting the money you need for damage and injuries. That doesn’t mean you are totally out of luck, but it does mean you will have to open[…..]

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With millions of car crashes every year in the U.S. — including tens of thousands of deaths and untold numbers of injuries — you’d think there would be an easy-to-use formula to determine how much you can get in a car accident settlement. The reality is far from simple. Liability, or who is at fault for the wreck, must be determined. The total cost of your injuries and lost wages related to the accident must be tallied. And when the insurance company does offer a settlement, negotiation is essential to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. If you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s careless driving, a New Albany car accident lawyer will[…..]

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You know you deserve payment for the injuries you’ve suffered in a car accident, but you have no earthly idea where to begin. There are countless television commercials, radio advertisements and billboards looming over your daily commute that tell you to call a law office if you’ve been injured, but can you trust these ads? If you’re wondering how to choose a car accident lawyer in Southern Indiana, then you should keep a few basic things in mind. First, let’s review the absolute essentials when picking an attorney. Then, we’ll look at how to refine your search to find the best fit for your case. Absolute Requirements The first thing you’ll want to look for when hiring a car accident[…..]

Do I Need a Lawyer for Mediation?

Mediation is a way to resolve your differences with another party and avoid the high costs in time, energy, emotion and money that come with litigation. It involves a neutral third party who guides the parties to an agreement which ends the dispute. You don’t need a lawyer to be involved in mediation, but if your dispute involves your federal or Indiana legal rights, it’s best that you have one to help you. A mediator is normally an attorney who does this full time or as part of his or her legal practice, as we do at Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law. Mediators can handle any kind of dispute, whether it’s related to divorce, child custody, disagreements between business owners[…..]

Indiana Divorce Attorney

For many, the process of going through a divorce is one of the most difficult times in life. Things can be further complicated when divorcing spouses encounter disputes about child custody, division of assets, and other terms of the separation. Fortunately, much of the stress and drama of a separation can be avoided by going through the process of a collaborative divorce. How Does a Collaborative Divorce Work? In Indiana, a collaborative divorce refers to one where both parties work with their own attorneys and meet regularly to reach agreements on various aspects of the separation itself. Ultimately, the goal of a collaborative divorce is to iron out differences and avoid needing to go to court over these issues. As[…..]