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What to Expect in a Divorce Action

Everyone knows that no matter what the tag says, one size does NOT fit all. Divorces are the same way, since no two sets of circumstances are identical. Legally referred to as a “dissolution of marriage,” many divorces are settled without the parties having to endure a contested courtroom proceeding. If you are unable to settle your case with your spouse, then it will go to trial. The complexity of any divorce really hinges on two main points: whether or not there are minor children and whether or not the parties have an agreement on all the issues. Listed here are some general guidelines, but it is extremely important to consult a family law attorney who can cut out the excess and tail ...

What Legal Rights Does a Non-Custodial Parent Have?

While divorce is difficult and often incredibly emotional, its effects go far beyond the separation of two adults who no longer wish to be married. When minor children are involved, decisions about custody must be made. Decisions are made based on the best interests of the child. And unless a parent has serious problems that could endanger the child, the courts typically favor the involvement o[...]