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Although violent crimes seem to dominate the airwaves and social media, these crimes are far from being the most prevalent in courtrooms in the United States. Much more common on court dockets are issues involving family law, from divorces to child custody. While each case is different, family law is unique because of the different elements involved, from separations to child support to visitation and beyond. What truly makes family law, unique, though, is the passion and emotion usually involved. Because of this it is often difficult for individuals to think objectively, act clearly and rationally and make the best decisions for themselves and their children. It is for this reason that legal counsel is so important, and why Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law of New Albany is here to help you through difficult times.

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If you or a loved one is involved in a case involving family law, let Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law help. With offices in New Albany, Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law’s attorneys are prepared to serve the residents of Kentucky, focusing on the Louisville metro area. With years of experience, Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law can help guide you through the legal maze of family law, evaluating your claims, informing you of your options and letting you decide what is best in your specific case. We know what you are going through and pride ourselves on providing an objective perspective. When your situation seems like it is falling apart, we can help you put things back together again and find a new normal. For questions or to set up an appointment, contact us today online or call us at (812) 725-8224.

Divorce in Kentucky

One of the most common types of family law issues Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law assists Kentuckians with is divorce. Kentucky has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), with a 3.8 rate of divorce in 2014. Divorce occurs when the couple or one spouse decides to dissolve the marriage. This can happen for a variety of reasons. A marriage may end amicably, with both parties acting civilly and respectfully, equitably splitting assets or making arrangements and, if children are involved, acting with their best interests in the forefront. Others do not end with a clean break and may involve unfortunate decisions based on spite and anger. While the Commonwealth of Kentucky has forms available to file for divorce yourself, it is in your best interest to retain a lawyer to make sure decisions are made and finalized legally, whether the divorce is amicable or contentious. One small mistake in a filing could have serious consequences: once a divorce decree is final, it cannot be changed, and you’ll most likely be stuck with its terms. And even though a divorce seems amicable now, this does not mean it will remain so in the future. You want to ensure the best possible outcome for your children, as well as to protect your financial well-being. Parents should never try to negotiate custody or support obligations without child custody lawyers, because the laws and guidelines can be difficult to interpret.

Common Family Law Claims in Kentucky

While divorce is one of the most common types of cases Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law handles, there are several other areas in which we have extensive experience. Other common family law claims include:

Child Custody –It often the children who suffer the most in a divorce. The structure of their lives is often torn apart, leaving them confused and potentially resulting in a myriad of psychological issues. What makes the situation worse is when parents fight over who has custody. This is why child custody matters may need to be mediated and settled in court, with the assistance of skilled family law counselors. We will help you reach solutions that are in the best interests of both you and your children.

Domestic Abuse – Domestic violence occurs when one partner commits physical violence against another, sometimes including the children. According to statistics from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, 23,382 domestic violence cases, in both family and district courts, have been filed so far in 2017. A total of 5,015 of those cases were filed in Jefferson County. Sadly, this actually does not include all situations of domestic violence, because not all cases are filed or reported for a variety of reasons, including fear of retribution. If you or a loved one has been the victim of domestic violence, it is important to remember that you have rights, and an attorney may help secure those rights.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

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Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law can also help you with these family law issues:

Myths and Misconceptions

Everyone knows someone who at one time or another has needed a divorce lawyer, needed assistance from child custody lawyers, or needed help from child support attorneys in order to resolve family law disputes. Attempting to settle such disputes alone can, and usually does, complicate matters even more. Why? Because your cousin’s divorce is different from yours. Your best friend’s custody battle was over entirely different issues than yours. Your mom’s co-worker’s niece may have gotten a raw deal on child support, but that doesn’t mean you will.

There is likely to be an abundance of information being thrown at you from every direction, and some of it will be incorrect. Don’t rely on it. Call us and talk to a family law attorney who has dealt with from many angles and who knows both the law and the system.

At Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law, Sensitivity Matters

Family law issues can stir up a lot of negative emotions for people – pain, sadness, embarrassment, resentment – but you may find comfort in knowing that a compassionate, skilled lawyer is on your side. Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law handles all family law cases with sensitivity, respect, and discretion. Resources for further information include:

Co-Parenting Tools

Client Forms

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If you or a loved one is involved in a divorce or other matter concerning family law, contact Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law today. Operating out of offices in New Albany, Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law is prepared to help with all of your family law needs, and we are admitted to practice in Kentucky as well as Indiana. We have the knowledge, resources and experience to help you find resolutions that are in the best interest of you and your children. Contact us online or call us at (812) 725-8224 today if you have questions or would like to set up a consultation.

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