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Jeffersonville Child Custody Lawyer

Our Child Custody Lawyers in Jeffersonville, IN, Know How to Fight for Your Rights During Custody Hearings

After a divorce where children are involved, the child custody hearings can be quite emotional. Although both parents believe they know what is best for the kids, they may significantly disagree on how to arrive at the best outcome. This can lead to a lot of fighting and accusations on both sides, resulting in hard feelings and a deeper wedge between the two of you. You don’t want to simply settle for an outcome that isn’t good for you or for the children as a way to reduce the frustration and to end the process faster.

That’s where our Jeffersonville child custody lawyer can enter the picture on your behalf. The team at Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law promises to serve as your advocate during custody negotiations and hearings. Even though child custody situations can become emotional quickly, you can trust our team to deliver a high level of professionalism. We will defend your rights regarding your future relationship with your children. Contact our Jeffersonville child custody lawyers at 812-725-8224 as soon as possible to discuss your case in a confidential manner.

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How CLLB Law Can Help As Your Jeffersonville Child Custody Lawyer

We Will Explain All Facets of a Custody Situation

When our child custody lawyers in Jeffersonville, IN, are representing clients in family law cases or divorce cases, we find that custody situations are often the most emotional and challenging for parents. Our clients want to protect their time and relationship with their children, while also making sure that the children are in a safe living environment.

Attorney Dana Eberle leads our team in family law cases and in child custody cases. She knows that Indiana state statutes, such as IC 31-17-2-8, require that the court focus first on the best interests of the child in all custody situations. Therefore, she works with her clients to ensure that any strategy our team will use in a custody case always takes the best interests of the child into consideration.

Trust Our Child Custody Attorney in Jeffersonville, IN, to Fully Prepare for Negotiations

One of the most important things we can do for our clients is to prepare as thoroughly as possible for the child custody negotiations and hearings. You can count on our child custody attorney in Jeffersonville, IN, to spend whatever time is required with you to develop a plan of action. We know the importance of preparation in cases like this, so nothing during child custody negotiations or hearings catches us off guard. If your ex-spouse’s representatives bring up some allegations during negotiations to try to paint you in a bad light, we need to know how to counteract these accusations. Our preparation techniques help us greatly in these types of situations.

We Work to Maximize Your Time With the Kids

Indiana statute IC 31-17-2-14 requires that the two parents who have joint custody make decisions together about the lives of the children. The statute, however, does not require the two parents to receive equal time with the children under joint custody. Through our negotiating tactics, our Jeffersonville child custody lawyer will work to try to help you receive the amount of time you would like to have with the children.

Our Jeffersonville, IN, Child Custody Attorney Will Represent Your Interests at a Custody Hearing

Sometimes, negotiations may fail. It is possible that the two of you simply cannot come to an agreement. This is not unusual in a custody hearing. If this happens, our Jeffersonville, IN, child custody attorney will prepare for and represent you at a court hearing regarding custody. The court will consider the information that we present at the hearing, making decisions about how custody will work in your situation. This hearing is extremely important, and it is vital that all of us are on the same page about the strategy we will use.

Trust that we will spend all the time necessary to meet with you to help you prepare for this hearing. Ultimately, during both negotiations and hearings, it is important for you to keep your cool and to behave in a civil manner, even if your spouse is not. Our child custody attorney in Jeffersonville, IN, can help you develop strategies that accomplish this. To learn how we can help your unique situation, call CLLB Law at 812-725-8224 today.

Our Jeffersonville Child Custody Lawyer Can Help Force Your Ex-Spouse to Abide by the Custody Agreement

Unfortunately, even after both sides go through the process of creating a custody agreement, your ex-spouse may simply choose to ignore the agreement. Your ex-spouse may not follow the visitation schedule that the two of you agreed upon or may begin making all the decisions about the children’s lives without consulting you.

Our Jeffersonville, IN, child custody attorney will collect the facts that show that your ex-spouse is not following the rules regarding custody. We will request that the court protect your rights regarding the children and your ability to be able to see them and to help with the decisionmaking. Your rights as a parent are important, and our team at Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law will do everything we can to protect them. We also can give you some tips for resolving custody disputes that may help you convince your spouse to abide by the custody order without having to involve the court.

FAQs: Our Jeffersonville Child Custody Lawyers Are Always Available to Answer Our Clients’ Questions

We understand that our clients have a lot of questions when they are facing a child custody order. By always being willing to answer your questions, we can be certain that all of us are on the same page. Some of the most common questions our Jeffersonville child custody lawyer receives include the following.

Can your Jeffersonville child custody lawyer help me modify an existing child custody agreement?

Yes! However, when we are seeking a modification to child custody arrangements, we must be certain that the request will be in the best interests of the children. Courts will not hear a request for modification unless it is truly necessary and unless it helps the kids.

Can my child choose which parent to live with?

Once they reach age 14, children can state their wishes for primarily living with a certain parent after a divorce, and the court will take these wishes into account when making a custody decision.

If my spouse cheated on me, does that help my hopes of a good child custody outcome?

Indiana family courts primarily focus on the best interests of the children in all child custody outcomes. As long as the cheating didn’t affect your spouse’s ability to serve as a parent, the courts probably won’t give it much weight in the custody decision.

What should I say to the kids about my ex-spouse?

Do not say bad things about your spouse to the kids when they are visiting or when they are staying with you. Indiana’s family law courts look unfavorably on spouses who try to use the children as pawns while fighting with the other spouse.

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Our Jeffersonville Child Custody Lawyer Knows the Importance of Spending Time With You

We Will Work Tirelessly Toward the Outcome You Want to See

Through many years of serving clients, the team at CLLB Law knows that one of the most effective strategies we can use with our clients is simply listening. Without knowing exactly what you would like to see from your custody hearing, we will not be able to represent you successfully. We can give you advice on how we believe you should proceed, but unless you and our Jeffersonville child custody lawyers are on the same page regarding the case, we will not have as good of a chance at success. We can’t speak to how other firms handle their custody cases, but we know the importance of listening to your needs, so we can craft a strategy that precisely fits your case.

We could bring out an old strategy we used in a previous custody case and simply apply it to your situation. However, we know from our decades of experience that this will almost certainly not work. We need to personalize our approach to the case to fit you and your children. This takes additional work on our part as compared to deploying a cookie-cutter approach on all custody cases, but we believe this is time well spent on our part. We understand what is at stake.

Trust Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law to Protect Your Custody Rights

Nothing in Indiana law requires you to hire a child custody attorney to represent you in a hearing about custody. You have the right to represent yourself. However, our child custody lawyers in Jeffersonville, IN, know the importance of having someone who deals with cases like this on a daily basis on your side. We know how to present the facts in your case in a way that attempts to protect your rights as a parent. Without representation, you may be at a significant disadvantage if your ex-spouse has representation.

Our Jeffersonville child custody lawyer is ready to begin representing you as soon as you choose to hire us. We understand that you want to be able to move forward with your relationship with your kids as quickly as possible. We will work with urgency, but we will not sacrifice protecting your rights as a parent just to speed through the case. Reach out to CLLB Law today at 812-725-8224 to discuss your custody situation.

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