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Thinking about a time when you will no longer be around to help your family and to provide care and advice is not comfortable. However, the best way to ensure that you will be able to continue helping your family and caring for their needs after you pass away is through creating a well-intentioned estate plan that will take effect upon your passing. Our Jeffersonville estate lawyer is ready to help you develop an estate plan that will fit your wishes, while being legally binding, ensuring your family will not have to face the frustrations of an unsettled situation.

At Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law, we know the importance of finding and establishing solutions to the management of elder care and of estate planning. Our estate lawyers in Jeffersonville, IN, will take the time to learn about all your concerns and desires for the estate plan. We can create a plan that fits your needs only by taking the time to listen to you. We are ready to begin working on your plan immediately, so you can continue enjoying time with your family, knowing your estate plan is ready to go. Contact CLLB Law today at 812-725-8224 to start the process.

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Why Choose Our Jeffersonville Estate Lawyer?

Our Jeffersonville Estate Planning Attorney Will Drill Down to the Items Most Important to You

Trust our multiple decades of collective experience to help you create a will and an estate plan that will actually focus on the items important to you. Our estate attorneys in Jeffersonville, IN, know how to anticipate problems and create long-term care documents that help you and your family avoid these issues.

Gary Banet is our lead Jeffersonville estate attorney, and he promises to take the time to fully understand the items that are most important to you. We do not cut corners in this process.

Trust Our Jeffersonville Estate Lawyer to Simplify the Process of Setting Up Long-Term Care Plans

As part of a long-term care plan and estate plan, it is important that you fully understand your options for healthcare assistance from the government. The American Council on Aging highlights the limitations on assets and on income that people must have to qualify to receive Medicaid in the state of Indiana.

When potential clients come to us with questions about whether they can qualify for Medicaid, they may quickly discover that they have too many assets. Rather than eliminating assets to qualify for Medicaid without following a plan, which could lead to a denial of your request to receive Medicaid, our team has some ideas you can use. CLLB Law will investigate your case and seek to legally ensure you can deliver your inheritance to your loved ones without risking your ability to qualify for Medicaid, should you need to move to a nursing home. By starting your estate plan and long-term care plan well before you need them, and with our Jeffersonville estate lawyer on your side, you can face the future confidently.

Our Jeffersonville Estate Attorney Knows How to Avoid Contested Will and Probate Issues

When clients come to our estate lawyers in Jeffersonville, IN, they are seeking an estate plan and a will that perfectly meets what they want to see for their heirs. Our clients want a smooth outcome after they pass, so their heirs do not have to go through a lengthy court process to try to settle the estate or to battle a contested will. They want their estate and inheritance to serve as a blessing to their loved ones and their lives going forward, rather than to create family strife and hard feelings.

Another important aspect of developing a successful estate plan is to avoid having to go through a difficult probate process. With our help, we can create an estate plan that spells everything out clearly, meaning the probate process in Indiana can be as smooth and quick as possible. When you trust our Jeffersonville estate lawyer to do the legwork that’s necessary to compile a strong will and estate plan, probate does not have to be a nightmare.

Ultimately, our estate attorneys in Jeffersonville, IN, cannot guarantee that one of your heirs won’t choose to contest the will after your passing because they are unhappy with the decisions reflected in the will. However, our Jeffersonville estate planning attorney can give you advice for communicating with your loved ones about your plans for your estate and for their inheritance. Open communications now are important to head off potential problems down the road. Additionally, when we create a will or trust for you, it will meet all Indiana regulations, so there will be no need to contest the will based on some sort of legal problem. If you are ready to discuss your estate planning process, contact Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law at 812-725-8224 today.

How Our Jeffersonville Estate Lawyer Can Help With Creating Power of Attorney

At CLLB Law, we like to remind our clients that any successful estate plan must include a power of attorney. None of us wants to believe that we will become incapacitated because of an accident or a sudden illness, leaving us unable to make decisions for ourselves regarding health care and finances. Yet, this does happen sometimes, meaning that having a power of attorney in place is the best way to protect yourself and your estate.

Our team will listen to your needs to make sure that your power of attorney document fits your life and your family’s needs. What works for one person in developing a power of attorney may not work for another, and our team fully understands this. Our Jeffersonville estate attorney knows that the way we draw up the power of attorney document could affect your personal and estate taxes. You can be certain that we keep the rules from the Indiana Department of Revenue in mind at all times when advising you on the best way to set up this document.

When we agree to draw up your power of attorney, we fully understand the importance of precisely reflecting your wishes. Errors or misunderstandings in this situation simply cannot happen. We promise to take whatever time is necessary to learn exactly what you want to accomplish with the power of attorney. We then will create a document that follows all local and national requirements for power of attorney. You can trust CLLB Law to provide the highest level of professionalism when creating your power of attorney and when preparing all other legal documents related to your estate planning. We know you are trusting us to protect you and your family, and we take that responsibility seriously.

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Our Jeffersonville Estate Lawyer Keeps You Informed at Every Step

FAQ: Common Questions We Receive From Clients

When you hire our Jeffersonville estate lawyer to represent you, trust that we are always ready to answer your questions. Here are some of the most frequent questions our team hears from our clients.

Can I change my will in the future?

Nearly all wills and estate plans require changes over time as your needs and the needs of your family change. Our Jeffersonville estate lawyer can help you create a new will or change an existing one.

What is power of attorney?

Power of attorney allows you to choose someone to manage your estate and to make healthcare decisions for you, should you become incapacitated. We can help you draw up this document.

Is probate court a bad thing?

If you don’t have a will, your estate will go into probate court, which can greatly lengthen the time required for your loved ones to receive the inheritance. Having a will reduces the impact of the probate court, allowing your estate to go to your family according to your wishes.

Trust Our Estate Attorneys in Jeffersonville, IN, to Work Tirelessly for Your Best Result

Through our work as an estate and elder law attorney, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to estate plans does not work. You need our Jeffersonville estate lawyer to set up your estate plan in a manner that fits your situation and your family’s needs. You don’t need us to hand you a cookie-cutter estate plan that we compiled three years ago for another client. We can’t speak to what others may do, but you can trust that our Jeffersonville estate planning attorney would never do this.

What we will do is use our experience with past cases like yours to bring suggestions to you regarding the crafting of your estate plan. Our estate layers in Jeffersonville, IN, will use our past successes to give you plenty of ideas about the services we can provide for you and the ways in which we can develop an estate plan that fully meets your needs. You then can arrive at the decisions that make the most sense for your situation. We will provide advice whenever you request it, but we need your estate plan to reflect your requirements and desires. We will spend the time and effort to make sure that this happens. To discuss your expectations for your estate plan, reach out to Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law today at 812-725-8224.

Attorney Steve Langdon

Licensed to practice in both Indiana and Kentucky, Steve Langdon is an experienced elder law and trial attorney. In addition to his litigation and trial work, Steve’s practice includes wills, trusts, probate, Medicaid planning, guardianship, powers of attorney, and advanced directive planning, including living wills and health care surrogate designations. [ Attorney Bio ]

Attorney Gary Banet

Gary is licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Kentucky. He concentrates his practice in estate planning, estate and trust administration, estate and trust litigation, guardianships, elder law and special-needs planning. Gary earned his J.D. from the University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, and formerly practiced law at Bingham Greenebaum Doll and Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs. [ Attorney Bio ]

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