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Indiana Child Custody Lawyer

When the custody of your child is in dispute to the point where the courts have become involved, you have, in a sense, relinquished certain decisions about your child’s future to the judge. It’s your job to convince the judge that your opinion is the correct one and is in your child’s best interests. If you have an attorney (and you should!), he or she will advocate for you and present your case – your arguments – to the judge. But the other parent of your child believes his or her opinion is the correct one, too, and that it is in your child’s best interests. And there’s most likely another attorney on that side presenting that case – and[…..]

Indiana Child Support Lawyer

It’s no secret that raising children is expensive. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that annual child-rearing expenses for a child in a two-child, married-couple, middle-income (before tax $61,530 to $106,540) family ranges between $12,800 and $14,970, while expenditures by married households with one child averages 25 percent more. To raise a child from birth to age 18 will cost an average of $245,340 (in 2013 dollars). These estimates are used in developing child support guidelines, which vary from state to state, but are established by each state’s Supreme Court or legislature. Child support is based on the idea that the children of divorced parents should live as comfortably as they would have if their parents had remained[…..]

New Albany Family Lawyer

Transitioning from female to male (FTM) or male to female (MTF) is a lengthy process – one that is often marked more by struggle than by celebration. For people who are transgendered, being able to legally change their name and gender marker is a momentous milestone. Telling loved ones of your new name or proper pronouns is certainly a big step, but there comes a time when it’s important to transform them from mere preference to official terminology. The process varies from state to state, and not all judges are willing to grant it, so to save yourself from any problems in the future, it’s wise to consult an attorney. Much of the way we are distinguished throughout life is[…..]

New Albany Divorce Lawyer

Everyone knows that no matter what the tag says, one size does NOT fit all. Divorces are the same way, since no two sets of circumstances are identical. Legally referred to as a “dissolution of marriage,” many divorces are settled without the parties having to endure a contested courtroom proceeding. If you are unable to settle your case with your spouse, then it will go to trial. The complexity of any divorce really hinges on two main points: whether or not there are minor children and whether or not the parties have an agreement on all the issues. Listed here are some general guidelines, but it is extremely important to consult a family law attorney who can cut out the excess[…..]