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How long do you have to sue after an accident? The amount of time you have to sue after an accident often depends on which kind of accident it is and what jurisdiction you’re in.  For example, if a car accident happens in Indiana, then the statute of limitations for filing an accident lawsuit in civil court is two years for both personal injury and property damage.  Similarly, the car accident statute of limitations in Kentucky is two years for personal injury and property damage.  However, if the accident occurred somewhere other than in a vehicle in Kentucky (such as at home or at work), then you have only one year to file a personal injury lawsuit. This example shows[…..]

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In both Indiana and Kentucky, driving without valid car insurance can result in hefty fines and license suspension; in the Bluegrass State, it can also lead to jail time. Yet the most recent statistics available show that in 2015, 11.5% of Kentucky drivers and 16% of Indiana drivers were getting behind the wheel with no coverage to protect themselves and their victims in the case of an accident. A car wreck and its aftermath are difficult under any circumstances. But when the other driver lacks auto insurance, you face an additional roadblock to getting the money you need for damage and injuries. That doesn’t mean you are totally out of luck, but it does mean you will have to open[…..]